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Optical Council backs down

Victory for cheaper contact lens company

Ron HamiltonA Scottish contact lens producer has won a battle against the big brand labels and the governing body over its low-cost products.

Daysoft’s cheaper disposable contact lenses delivered direct to consumers around the world upset its rivals who lobbied the General Optical Council to take action.

They garnered the support of Association of Contact Lens Manufacturers and the big high-street retailers.

But today the GOC has admitted that to impose a restriction on the Blantyre-based company’s cheaper lenses would be unlawful and that the lenses cause no harm to wearers.

Ron Hamilton (pictured), Daysoft’s founder and the inventor of the first daily disposable contact lens said: “I am delighted at this late change of heart by the GOC, after all, we have been operating successfully for 10 years.

“However, by far the most significant fact is that 1.6 million contact UK lens wearers are still being prescribed extended wear or re-usable contact lenses by their opticians because their daily-disposables are ‘unaffordable’ by comparison and despite the fact that reusable carry 12 time the risk of eye-infection compared to daily-disposables which are regarded as being intrinsically-safe. That is why Daysoft only supplies daily-disposables.”

Daysoft was founded in 2006 and its lenses are regarded by customers as a substitute for more than 200 competitor brands.

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