Cash deal for documents services

Souter offloads mail firms to DX for £3.25 million

Sir Brian contributorSir Brian Souter’s legal documents company First Scottish Group has sold its mail delivery businesses to DX in a £3.25 million cash deal.

First Scottish Group provides back office support, including searching and document management.

DX has acquired two of its subsidiary companies, First Post and Legal Post which made a combined operating profit of £600,000 in the year to 31 May 2015, on sales of £5.2m.

They buyer said it hopes to generate savings of in excess of £600,000 by combining both services with its existing operations in Scotland.

Chief executive Petar Cvetkovic said: “The enlarged operation in Scotland will enable significant efficiencies.

“We look forward to delivering a smooth transfer of Legal Post and First Post’s operations to our facility in Livingston over the coming months.”

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