Poll points to rejecting Brexit

Brits ‘fear Scottish independence more than EU exit’

EU flagBritish voters are more concerned about Scotland staying within the UK than Britain retaining its membership of the European Union, according to a new poll.

Two-thirds, or 68%, of UK voters said Scottish independence was their “least preferred option” when compared with Britain splitting from the EU (32%).

Support for the union may prompt voters to back Britain’s membership of the EU in order to see off the threat of a second referendum on Scottish independence which SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon says could follow in the event of a Brexit vote.

The BMG poll for The Herald  found that younger people were less likely to be concerned by Scottish independence than older people.

Pro-European Brits were strongly against Scottish independence with 72% opposed to Britain leaving the EU.

Among undecided EU voters, 71% were against Scottish independence and 73% thought independence would be a worse outcome than Brexit.

BMG canvassed 1,512 voters across the UK between April 21 and 26.

Polls suggest Scots are more favourable to Britain remaining in the EU than the UK population as a whole.


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