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Exhibiting at a show? Check out these tips

ExhibitionExhibiting at trade shows, conferences or events can really boost your business, whether you’re a tiny start up, a huge corporation, or anything in between.

But making your exhibition experience a successful one is about more than simply turning up, setting up your stand, and selling your products.

In fact, the chances are that if you’re planning an exhibition you’ll be busier than you think, so here are 25 quick-fire tips, facts and suggestions to help you make your event a success.

  • Remember that the vast majority of visitors are there to buy, so tailor your sales pitch accordingly.
  • Ask open questions, not closed ones – it encourages potential customers to give you more information about them, their company, and their needs
  • Don’t eat at your stand – research has shown that it puts potential customers off.
  • Try not to be drawn into conversations about products or services you’re not familiar with – introduce customers to other members of staff who know the answers.
  • Your stand needs to be smart, attractive and professional, and mustn’t look like it took 2 minutes to set up!
  • Don’t forget that exhibitions and events are possibly the most cost effective way of introducing your products and services to customers, so make it something you do often.
  • Depending on your products, you could potentially hook customers by sight, sound, touch, taste and smell.
  • Define your objectives, and make them realistic enough for you to achieve them.
  • Make sure you and your staff look and feel their best (even if you all went to the exhibitors’ party the night before).
  • Collect as much information from potential customers as you can.
  • Make your marketing literature more attractive to customers by distributing it in a carrier bag printed with your logo or branding.
  • Short conversations with customers are better – you’ll be able to fit more in during the day.
  • Try to make your presence reach beyond your stand – have customers and staff walk around holding carrier bags and wearing t-shirts.
  • Check your staff have been trained – not just in talking to customers, but in all as pects of your products and services too.
  • Use social media to tell the world that you’re exhibiting.
  • Create an exclusive special offer to entice potential new customers at the event.
  • Be aware of all deadlines for booking your place, getting your stand ready, and submitting copy for the event guide.
  • Smiling and making eye contact with customers is more effective than you think.
  • Make sure all your staff know what they’re supposed to be doing, when, they’re supposed to be doing it, and where they’re supposed to be doing it.
  • Remember that benefits sell your products more effectively than features.
  • Coverage from local and trade press, before, during and after the event can really help to raise your profile.
  • Don’t forget that your own website is a useful way to let customers know you’ll be there.
  • Reviewing your performance and getting feedback from your team is a brilliant learning experience.
  • If you don’t follow up on the leads you generate, you’ll have wasted your time at the exhibition!
  • As soon as the event is over, book a stand at another exhibition.

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