Trio look to do things differently

Agency aims to create a new future


Three experienced agency directors have come together to establish CreateFuture – a digital practice with offices in Edinburgh and London.

Dave Ward (Creative Director), Nathan Fulwood (Strategy Director), Jessica Mullen (Managing Director) first worked together at digital agency Realise.

They all leave high profile roles: Mr Ward as creative director at Realise, Mr Fulwood as innovation director at brand agency Tayburn; and Ms Mullen as managing director at service design consultancy Nile.

The founders have launched CreateFuture to address what they claim are failings in the current client/agency model, born of their own experience and research into the needs of senior marketers.

Mr Fulwood said: “CreateFuture has been designed from the ground up to be collaborative, specialist and fast. It’s a need we repeatedly hear from brands, that traditional agencies promise but don’t seem to be able to provide.

“We’re looking to build a new type of creative digital practice that asks hard questions about the value we bring to clients. We didn’t feel it was possible to create a truly collaborative practice within an existing agency structure. So we’ve built it from scratch.”

Mr Ward  commented: “CreateFuture rejects the hierarchies and processes of the traditional agency model. We believe they slow down the creative process and hamper meaningful collaboration, at a time when brands have to move fast and push themselves further.

“Creatives can no longer take a brief away and work in a vacuum. As an industry we need to work closer with the brand’s own teams, at the source and out in the open.”

Ms Mullen added: “Our 45 years combined experience in digital, brand and service design is a really powerful combination. It means we can look at every new challenge from a different perspective.

“Only when we’ve identified the right problem do we pull together the best team to deliver the solution. We’re supported by an amazing production partner and a network of specialists meaning our customers get the right talent for the job in hand – rather than whoever happens to be on the bench – and scale as needed.”

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