Scots agencies miss out

RBS hires London agency to restore reputation

RBS GogarburnRoyal Bank of Scotland has appointed a London PR agency to rebuild its battered reputation following the 2008 crash and a series of mis-selling and other misdemeanours.

Blue Rubicon has been handed a wide-ranging brief across all of its brands, which includes NatWest.

It is not known if any Scottish agencies were invited to pitch but a failure to do so, and to appoint one, may be seen as adding to its reputational problems as it distances itself further from its Scottish roots.

David Wheldon, the bank’s chief marketing officer, said Blue Rubicon’s role was to build the company’s reputation so that it became the most trusted bank by 2020.

He said: “We have made many strides in the right direction as we deliver on our promise to build a stronger, simpler and fairer bank for the benefit of our customers.

“We know that there will be bumps in the road ahead and we understand the scale of the task we have set ourselves.

“For those reasons, we have chosen Blue Rubicon which has an unmatched reputation for successfully building trust in the most difficult of circumstances.”

The bank was ranked joint bottom with NPower in a YouGov survey of public perceptions of 23 major brands carried out by trade journal PR Week last September.

Blue Rubicon’s clients include Facebook, Instagram, McDonalds and Tesco. It is owned by the US group Teneo.

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