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Benefits across sectors, says ex-MP

Harris talks up Scots ‘windfall’ from leaving EU

Tom HarrisScotland would benefit from new powers over fisheries, the environment and education if it pulled out of the European Union, it will be claimed today.

Former Labour MP Tom Harris is launching the Vote Leave campaign in Scotland claiming Scotland’s budget would be bigger and its powers greater outside the EU.

His views are challenged by pro-Europe campaigners who say that leaving the EU would plunge Scotland into years of uncertainty and weak protection.

Mr Harris will claim that leaving will provide a cash windfall for Scottish higher education as EU students, who can currently study in Scotland for free, would have to pay tuition fees of about £1.5 billion.

He will say: “Any repatriated power that isn’t already explicitly denoted as “reserved” in the Scotland Act 1998 is assumed to be the remit of the Scottish Parliament.

“Leaving the EU could also secure free university tuition for Scottish students, by significantly increasing the amount of money it can charge EU students attending Scottish universities.

“The UK as a whole pays £350m a week to the EU for the privilege of maintaining its membership. Scotland’s share of that works out at £1.5bn a year – more than half of the annual Scottish education budget.

“We want potential MSPs to tell us what they would do with that extra money, or to explain why they think Scotland can afford to continue sending that money to Brussels.”


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