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EMC in tech tie-up with Entrepreneurial Spark

Jim Duffy ESparkTech giant EMC has unveiled a partnership with Scottish incubator Entrepreneurial Spark, creating the largest free technology industry accelerator programme in the UK.

EMC will provide training, coaching and mentorship to the thousands of entrepreneurs being supported by Entrepreneurial Spark nationwide.

Supported by RBS and KPMG, Entrepreneurial Spark is already one of the most geographically spread incubator networks in the country. It will now provide companies and entrepreneurs with technical expertise via EMC.

Entrepreneurial Spark start-ups across the UK, including a number of fledging tech firms, have raised more than £45million of investment.

The EMC participation will add to a number of initiatives that provide extra support for technology start-ups, including working closely with the Open Experience, RBS’ new Technology Solutions Centre at Gogarburn near Edinburgh.

Ross Fraser, VP and Managing Director, EMC UK&I, said: “This is a great opportunity to combine the talent from established companies like EMC and new start-ups to help encourage business growth and innovation in the UK.

“We want to help share advice which we’ve learnt over the past 35 years, and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs. This is particularly key in an environment where digital technology is forming the life-blood of a new generation of businesses. We look forward to the further expansion of the partnership across the UK over the course of this year.”

Jim Duffy (pictured), founder and chief executive at Entrepreneurial Spark, said: “I’m ecstatic to have EMC on board as we create the UK’s largest tech accelerator.

“Our focus is on building the mindset and behaviours of an entrepreneur by focusing their mind, putting them into an environment which pushes their comfort zone, and providing sessions which challenge their thinking.

“EMC’s resources and insights will be incredibly valuable to the start-up and entrepreneur community in the months and years ahead. As the digital transformation of business continues, every endeavour will benefit from the insights and resources of one of the world’s technology leaders. Britain is creating more start-ups than ever before and we’re excited to work with EMC to help them grow and succeed in today’s competitive marketplace.”

Alison Rose, chief executive of commercial and private banking at RBS, said: “We have been supporting Entrepreneurial Spark since 2011 and in that time there has been huge digital progression.

“In a business environment where digital skills are often essential for growth, the breadth of EMC’s knowledge and expertise will give our entrepreneurs a valuable new pillar of support, making the Entrepreneurial Spark programme even more comprehensive.”

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