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10 reasons why you should choose VIVIDtouch

VIVIDtouch_logo_with_straplineWhether you are enhancing the meeting rooms at your workplace or improving your company’s boardroom, VIVIDtouch interactive touchscreens make for the perfect solution.

Here are ten reasons why you should consider VIVIDtouch as your newest business partner:

It uses Windows 10

By making use of Windows 10, VIVIDtouch has a popular, user-friendly operating system. In fact, Terry Myerson, the Executive Vice President of Microsoft’s Windows and Devices group, stated in early October that Windows 10 had been installed onto more than 110 million devices despite it only being launched on July 29th 2015.

This simplifies using VIVIDtouch technology, as users will likely already know how to use Windows 10.

You will have access to a packed App Store

Another great element of the Windows 10 operating system is the App Store. With it, you can access thousands of useful educational and business apps. Many are free to download too, so adapting your VIVIDtouch experience to meet your company’s specific needs won’t break the bank.

OneNote & Office 365 means working remotely is simple

VIVIDtouch technology has Office 365 programs installed, so you can effectively prepare content on your personal computer or tablet and then present it in a meeting by simply walking up to the VIVIDtouch interactive touchscreen.

It uses wireless connectivity

There’s no need for a wired internet connection to operate a VIVIDtouch interactive touchscreen. Rather, the whole experience works using wireless connectivity.

It’s a cheaper solution than the Microsoft Surface Hub

Microsoft Surface Hub is an exciting development for businesses, as it makes for an effective team collaboration device presented via a state-of-the-art digital whiteboard. However, you will need to fork out around £13,000) for the 84-inch 4K screen or an estimated £4,600 for the 55-inch full HD variation.

VIVIDtouch is a cheaper alternative to the Microsoft Surface Hub and makes effective use of the same ideas and principals.

It boasts low power consumption

VIVIDtouch interactive touchscreens have very low power consumption. In fact, the technology is more economical and robust than a whiteboard and projector combination.

Enjoy 4k Ultra High Definition & Full HD 1080p touchscreens

You shouldn’t think that low power consumption will impact the presentation of the VIVIDtouch interactive touchscreens mind. Crisp and clear visuals are guaranteed thanks to advanced 4K Ultra High Definition and Full HD 1080p screens.

Anti-glare tempered glass helps with eye health

If you regularly give presentations to clients and staff members, you will want to make sure that looking at the same screen for long durations will not have a detrimental effect on a person’s eye health. Fortunately, VIVIDtouch has anti-glare tempered glass designed to stop eyes from straining and tiring.

10-point touch makes for fast and precise touchscreen technology

Thanks to its 10-point touch technology, every motion on a VIVIDtouch interactive touchscreen is smooth, fast and exceptionally precise. Say goodbye to the frustration of clicking the wrong button half way through an important presentation.

You can try before you buy

The nine previous points listed above may sound all well and good, but you won’t be able to get a true experience of VIVIDtouch until it’s in front of you. GPS Installations, the North East’s VIVIDtouch partner, is offering full demonstrations of the technology at its facilities in Cramlington. They also have trained and vetted installers based at locations all across the UK, who are on hand to show off the vast potential of VIVIDtouch.

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