Breakthrough for 23-year-old

Victoria logs on to young Scot’s wi-fi service

Patrick CloverA young Scottish entrepreneur is providing passengers using a London rail station’s shopping mall with its wi-fi service.

It also provides the retail outlets with the ability to collate data which they can use to gain insights into consumer shopping preferences.

Patrick Clover’s company Blackbx will help 17,500 passengers a month passing through Victoria Station .

The 23-year-old from Edinburgh set up the company last April, completely self-funded.

He hopes the service will be rolled out across shopping centres as well as transport terminals.

“Nowadays, we are increasingly seeing people use their tablets and smartphones on their daily commute, so being able to make the often busy, and stressful journeys, that bit easier, is great,” he said.

“Seamless log-ins is something other companies aren’t doing. But with Blackbx once a customer has logged in at a restaurant or shopping centre, they will still be logged-in when they return. It not only saves the customer hassle and time, but also provides the client with reliable and interesting analytics that will increase business intelligence in order to generate revenue.

“Winning contracts like Victoria Station at such an early stage in my company’s life, is just fantastic, and testament to the success of the technology so far.

“Hopefully we will see a few more large contracts this year, and continue to make it easier for businesses to provide what the customer wants and boost their own revenue at the same time.”

Victoria Station has seen a tenfold increase in the number of people registering their email addresses.

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