Shareholders to meet outside Scotland

Standard Life to relocate AGM to London

Standard LifeStandard Life will hold its annual meeting outside Scotland for the first time in its 191-year history.

Shareholders will meet on 17 May in London rather than at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre where it has been held in recent years.

A spokesman for the pensions and investments company said: “We are going to alternate it between London and Edinburgh.

“We have 1.2 million retail shareholders, largely as a result of demutualisation, and in 2014 we held a general meeting in London on the sale of our Canadian business, which was very positive in terms of people being able to attend. Now we are alternating it to give access to more shareholders.”

The move is likely to spark some concern following its earlier threats to relocate parts of the business out of Scotland.

Most of its customers are based south of the border and many of its shareholders make the journey to Scotland every year to attend the AGM.


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