£500,000 for social media site

Skyscanner founders back scheduling app Decidz

DecidzSerial software entrepreneur Ray Nolan, former chairman of Skyscanner, has joined his former colleagues as an investor in a scheduling app which launched last year.

Mr Nolan founded the accommodation-booking website Hostelworld and is backing Decidz, set up last July to help groups of people arrange meetings.

Skyscanner founders Gareth Williams, Barry Smith and Bonamy Grimes are supporting Decidz which raised initial funding of about £500,000.

Mr Nolan sold Hostelworld to private equity group Hellman Friedman in 2009. It floated on the Irish Stock Exchange last year and is valued at €300m.

Decidz employs 10 staff in Edinburgh and is based at technology incubator Codebase.

Its co-founders are former senior Skyscanner executives Tom Williams – brother of Gareth – and Craig Parker.

Tom Williams said: “We think the scheduling space is missing a trick and we’re developing a product better designed to fit the user’s lifestyle rather than being just another tool.

“Decidz is less about calendar management and more about creating a conversation that leads to people doing more together.”

Mr Nolan said: “Decidz is solving a problem that has dogged the internet since people first discovered email.

“A simple get-together of more than a couple of people can take literally hours to organise.”

Decidz is targeting Scotland before extending its user base internationally.

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