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Punk business leader joins elite advisers

BrewDog Chris van der kuul James Watt
Chris van der Kuyl and James Watt

Scotland’s entrepreneurs may be about to learn a thing or two about ‘punk’ business after its chief proponent signed up as a member of an elite advisory group.

Entrepreneurial Scotland appropriately raised a glass of beer in honour of its latest signing, James Watt, ‘captain’ and co-founder of independent craft brewery, BrewDog, who joined the organisation’s influential Leaders’ Exchange network.

Formerly the Entrepreneurial Exchange, it is a community of individuals who share experiences, ideas and techniques for growth.

The self-styled maverick businessman, author of Business for Punks, joins more than 1,000 of the country’s most entrepreneurial business leaders and future leaders who are collectively supporting Entrepreneurial Scotland’s vision to make the country the most entrepreneurial society in the world.

Speaking to 200 guests at the organisation’s new home, the Technology & Innovation Centre, Glasgow, he said BrewDog is tearing up convention, disrupting the industry and turning traditional business models upside down.

James (pictured below right with co-founder Martin Dickie) said: For the past nine years, we’ve been recruiting some of the most progressive people in Scotland to join our ramshackle pirate ship of a craft brewery, and every single one of them boasts entrepreneurial spirit in some incarnation.

“Being forward-thinking and challenging traditional business models is in our DNA, and will live and breathe through everything we do, via everyone in our crew.

Brewdog dream“But if we rest on our laurels for even a second, if we think like we’re taught to think and do as countless have done before us, we’ll never change perceptions, and we’ll never start revolutions.”

Entrepreneurial Scotland was formed by merger of the Saltire Foundation and Entrepreneurial Exchange.

Commenting on his latest signing, chairman of Entrepreneurial Scotland Chris van der Kuyl, said: “James is seen by many as one of Scotland’s most disruptive entrepreneurial leaders and his approach and drive is inspirational.

“As a member of Entrepreneurial Scotland he will be playing his part in helping our members to grow their businesses and transform the organisations they work in.”

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