New manufacturing site planned

Pod popularity prompts expansion for Armadilla

Ross Hunter

Ross Hunter: high demand (pic : Terry Murden)

A company building pod-style accommodation is looking for a new manufacturing site in the Edinburgh area to cope with increased demand.

Armadilla’s innovative cabins are being snapped up for use as extra rooms, offices and holiday lets.

They are built at Rosewell where the company has a staff of 18. Chief executive Ross Hunter says the company would like an additional site “sooner rather than later” and would eventually relocate.

Speaking to Daily Business on The Mound, where the company is taking part in the Edinburgh Science Festival, he said: “We know there is a rising demand out there and we need the extra space.”

Ross Hunter

The firm, which was established six years ago, recently received government support via the regional selective assistance scheme.

The pods combine centuries-old boat building techniques with innovative, modern methods. A steel frame is covered with Siberian larch and the interiors are designed to home standards.

The more luxurious versions provide a full living experience, with toilet, shower, kitchen, bed and eating areas. There is underfloor heating, a desk and storage.

Turnover has doubled each year and is currently at £850,000 with demand coming from residents wanting space for children, visitors or office use. Schools have used them for remedial space and they have become popular among those who enjoy glamping.

Mr Hunter said: “I know of bed and breakfast establishments which have given up the B&B and bought these instead.”

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