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Aaargh! British? English? Who cares?

New Day, same old problems with devolution

The New Day schoolsTrinity Mirror’s new national newspaper The New Day is not lifting its cover price to 50p as planned because of slower sales than expected. Some might also wonder at its editorial judgement based on Budget day’s front cover.

Even a superficial understanding of devolution should have rung alarm bells with someone before the paper published a splash headline referring to ‘British’ schools, given that the different English and Scottish systems pre-date more recent statutory separation.

This will not go down well in Scotland, though it seems The New Day is not going down well generally. There are already reports that  sales are around 110,000 copies a day, about half the target.

Trinity Mirror is now withholding plans to double the price to 50p, despite plans to offer it for 25p for just two weeks.

A spokesman for Trinity Mirror told the trade press: “The New Day will continue at a trial price of 25p at the moment. As we said when we announced the paper, our marketing and pricing strategy is fluid while we are still launching the title.

“It will probably be 25p for a few weeks more, but the plan is flexible at the moment.”

MediaGuardian, however, claims sales of The New Day have slumped by 25% since its first day of paid sales when it was thought to have sold around 150,000 copies.



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