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Pegasus Opera is preferred option

Health provider is first to adopt cloud platform

TSGA leading occupational health services provider has become the world’s first to adopt technology allowing it to manage its accounts and payroll through an innovative cloud based platform.

OH Assist Limited has invested in Pegasus Business Cloud, the cloud hosted platform for Pegasus Opera 3, which is a modular accounting, payroll and business software. Sheffield-headquartered OH Assist enlisted the services of national IT support solutions specialist Technology Services Group (TSG), which is Pegasus’s largest partner, to advise and deploy the solution.

Jonathan Thomas at OH Assist explained: “When speaking to TSG about our options Pegasus Opera 3 was clearly the best-fit system to sit alongside our business needs. The option to take advantage of a cloud hosted solution meant that we could get started straight away instead of having to experience a longer lead time typically associated with a traditional server infrastructure.

“We have over 530 staff working at a number of locations throughout the country each with their own needs when it comes to payroll, appraisals, expenses or holidays and absences. Each of the systems we need are integrated into one, easy to use solution.”

Pegasus Business Cloud is just one of the many existing technology solutions now offered as a cloud hosted option. The benefits align perfectly for fast growing businesses eliminating the cost of upgrading hardware and IT infrastructure and giving the appropriate users within the business access to the data anywhere at any time.

Mr Thomas continued: “The flexibility of the product, and option to pay by monthly subscription as opposed to one large up-front payment was vital to making the decision. It gives us greater predictability of costs which then allows us to concentrate on managing the business’s growth.”

The modular aspect of Pegasus Opera 3 gives it scalability so new users and applications can be added quickly and easily to support business growth. OH Assist handpicked the individual elements appropriate for their needs with TSG’s specialists then applying some bespoke configuration to integrate existing invoicing data held on spreadsheets straight into Opera 3 avoiding duplication or unnecessary manual input.

Stuart Anderson, sales & marketing director for Pegasus added: “With the recent release of Pegasus Business Cloud we are seeing a lot of interest in our cloud solution. Growing SMEs are now looking for economies of scale, increased flexibility and a lower total cost of ownership, which cloud computing brings. We are delighted to see our largest partner TSG leading the way and making the first sale of Pegasus Business Cloud.”

TSG – Will McLean, Events & PR Executive. 0191 256 9082

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