Companies to work on pilot study

Collagen unveils burns treatment collaboration

Stewart White Collagen YouTubeCollagen Solutions, the Glasgow-based stem cell company, is teaming up with a London research facility to develop new treatments for burns.

The regenerative medicine company has unveiled a collaboration with Blond McIndoe Research Foundation, a world leading centre in the field.

Blond McIndoe is a not-for-profit centre based at the Queen Victoria Hospital, East Grinstead.

A pilot study will look at developing more effective treatments for burns, thereby reducing the burden and limitation of skin grafting.

Dr Stewart White (pictured), chief executive at Collagen Solutions said: “With over 13,000 UK hospital admissions each year and 486,000 in the USA requiring medical attention, the care and treatment of burns presents a significant clinical need.

“We are extremely pleased to announce our collaboration with BMRF to work towards improved patient care. The experience the foundation has in the treatment of burns and wound care using the patient’s own cells is truly world leading.

“Initially the project will confirm that our functional collagen formulations will provide a successful scaffold for these living cells.  Based on successful outputs, we will then go on to jointly create a delivery process which can increase the ease of handling of these products by clinicians, alongside greater efficacy of the treatments themselves.””

Maxine Smeaton, chief executive at BMRF said: “We are delighted to announce this important partnership with Collagen Solutions.  Working together we are utilising each other’s experience and expertise in order to accelerate this vital work in cell delivery technologies.

“Collaborations of this nature are crucial to achieving high quality, impactful research that results in improved outcomes for people who have experienced serious, life-changing burn wounds.”

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