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Latest poll shows narrow gap

Campbell says danger of complacency hangs over EU vote

Sir Menzies CampbellLord Campbell has warned Scots against complacency over the perceived certainty of voters rejecting Brexit after the latest Scottish poll put support for staying in the EU at less than 60%.

The poll shows 59% in favour of EU membership and he said the figure should act as ‘wake-up’ call for pro-EU campaigners.

Lord Campbell, who has been appointed by the European Movement in Scotland to lead the pro-EU campaign north of the border, noted that the figure for the UK as a whole shows the Remain and Leave camps neck and neck.

The former Liberal Democrat Leader also highlighted concerns that those in favour of Brexit are more motivated to vote in the forthcoming referendum.

He has called on a repeat of the energy that existed during the Scottish independence referendum, engaging and motivating all sections of society with ‘unremittingly positive’ messages to sell the considerable benefits of EU membership.

A recent ORB poll, analysed by electoral strategist, Sir Lynton Crosby, has found that without taking into account people’s likelihood to vote, the campaigns are virtually tied, with Remain on 47% and Leave on 49%.

 However, when likelihood to vote is taken into account, the Leave campaign would win on 52% of the vote, with remain trailing on 45%.

Older people (65+), who are more likely to vote, are twice as likely to say leave rather than stay.

Lord Campbell has urged young people especially, who are most reluctant to vote but for whom the outcome of the referendum will have a major impact, to turnout on 23 June. He also urged all political parties to ensure that membership of the EU is a key campaign issue in the run up to the Scottish Parliament elections.

Under the branding of ‘Europe – See the Bigger Picture, Vote Remain’, the campaign will aim to highlight the considerable benefits that Scotland in particular gains from membership of the EU in the run up to the referendum.

Lord Campbell said: “While Scotland is more pro-EU than the rest of the UK, recent polls have indicated the gap between those in Scotland wanting to Remain and those wanting to Leave is narrowing.

“This should act as wake-up call to all those who favour our continued membership of the EU and the considerable benefits this brings.

“We need to sell the positives of our membership and we need to capture some of the energy that existed during the Scottish independence referendum for the EU vote, motivating people to turnout. Turnout will be key in this referendum and we know that currently those in favour of Brexit are more likely to vote, a situation we must address. It is vital that young people especially use their vote.

“A vote to stay in the EU should not be taken for granted. Those in favour of our continued membership must not be complacent or we could end up sleepwalking to a Brexit.

“The peace, stability and prosperity that the EU has brought to Scotland through our membership is to be absolutely cherished. Over the next few months we will be putting forward an unremitting and unashamedly positive case for our continued EU membership, ensuring that everyone can see the ‘big picture’ of the advantages our membership brings.”

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