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Pub makeover honours film link

Artist plays ball with Volley’s link to cult movie


Never let it be said Daily Business doesn’t get things done. We wrote recently that the old Volunteer Arms in Leith no longer paid homage to its role in a cult movie. Now the artist working on its latest reincarnation has done something about it.

When it became the Cask & Still a plaque on the side of the pub explaining its part in 1996 film Trainspotting was removed.

Th Cask & Skill didn’t survive and this weekend the pub has been reincarnated as The Mousetrap, complete with colourful illustrations and life-size contraptions from the popular board game.

After seeing the article in Daily Business, Will McEvoy, the artist working on The Volley, as it was known in the film, has decorated it with a mural referencing the film.

Will, who has worked mainly for bars and clubs in Edinburgh, including the Electric Circus, The Doghouse and 12 Picardy Place, sent us a note.

“I have tried to give a nod to the Trainspotting heritage of the pub by producing a large comic style mural outside using the quote “speccy wee gadge, as mentioned in your article”.

Begbie“There’s also an eight ball painted on the wall, visible through the front window (Begbie missing the ball).”

Irvine Welsh, who wrote the book, has also been made aware of the Trainspotting references and has Tweeted about it.

In the movie, the psychopath Begbie loses his rag with a young boy –  the “speccy wee gadge” – opening a bag of crisps.

The internal scenes (above right) were actually shot in a pool hall in Glasgow, but movie-tour fans have just been given another reason to visit the pub made famous by one of the film’s most memorable moments.


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