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First Holyrood politician to urge pull-out

Tory MSP Mitchell breaks ranks on EU vote

Margaret MitchellConservative MSP Margaret Mitchell has become the first politician in the Scottish parliament to support the UK leaving the European Union.

Ms Mitchell, the party’s justice spokesman, told BBC Scotland the EU was “unwieldy” and expensive.

Her opposition to Britain’s membership puts her at odds with party leader Ruth Davidson who has said that Tory MSPs are free to make up their own minds on which way to vote in the referendum on 23 June.

Ms Mitchell, a Central Scotland member past contender for the Scottish Conservative leadership, said she was open to being persuaded to support Britain’s membership.

“I’m not looking at renegotiation. I think it would be a vote to leave because there are too many advantages of coming out and too many restrictions about staying in,” she told BBC Scotland.

“The free movement of people doesn’t look to me as though it’s something that’s easily resolved.

“This is a union that’s increasing all the time – it’s unwieldy. Twenty-eight member states trying to make decisions that are in the best interests of each member state really doesn’t work.”

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