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Talks held in Edinburgh

Tech experts join Unicef to help children

Van der KuylScottish entrepreneurs and technology experts have joined forces with Unicef to help the world’s poorest children.

Unicef, with support from Entrepreneurial Scotland and Informatic Ventures, today hosted ‘Innovation for Every Child: Scotland Reimagines the Future’ at the Informatics Ventures in Edinburgh.

Sharad Sapra, global director of Unicef Innovation, and Chris van der Kuyl, chairman of Entrepreneurial Scotland and chairman of Informatics Ventures advisory board, led a discussion around how the Scottish technology sector can play a leading role in developing innovative solutions to help children around the world.

Speaking about the potential the Scottish technology and business sector has to support Unicef’s work, Mr Sapra said: “Unicef must continue to be at the forefront of innovation if we are to continue pushing the boundaries of our work protecting children around the world.

“Innovations using mobile technology to register births, sharing real-time data to improve education and health, and giving young people a way to connect with their governments are already changing the way we work but there is much more to do.

“We need  more innovations urgently and hopefully this event today will facilitate our aims in building relationships with the internationally recognised Scottish technology sector to help innovate for impact in our work for children around the world.”

Mr van der Kuyl said: “Understanding technology, being innovative and having an entrepreneurial mindset are crucial assets for young people to help them succeed wherever they are in the world.

“Entrepreneurial Scotland is working towards making Scotland the most entrepreneurial society in the world and one way of progressing this is to share the amazing knowledge and expertise we have globally.

“The opportunity to work with Unicef on such an important agenda with leaders and technology experts from Scotland has the potential to improve the lives of children all over the world and empower young people to engage more with key issues such as education and health and over time strengthen their economies and societies.”

Unicef Innovation works to develop, identify and scale up innovative ideas that improve children’s lives around the world.

By bringing together entrepreneurs, experts and corporate leaders from the growing technology, business and innovation sectors in Scotland, Unicef hopes to start conversations that can spark collaborations and future solutions to keep the world’s most vulnerable children safe.

Photo: Chris van der Kuyl and Sharad Sapra. By Robert Perry

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