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Writer gets job back

Sacked columnist reinstated by Sunday Herald

Sunday HeraldThe Sunday Herald has reinstated a columnist who was sacked following her involvement in a dispute involving a colleague and Rangers Football Club.

Angela Haggerty, editor of the Common Space website, was told last month her column in the Glasgow-based Sunday title was no longer required after she tweeted her support for Herald sports journalist Graham Spiers.

He was fired over a column which made claims about a Rangers director and singing by the club’s supporters on the Ibrox terraces.

The Herald first published an apology for Mr Spiers’ comments but he later published another column standing by his opinions.

The paper’s editor-in-chief Magnus Llewellin issued a statement following this second article in which he said the company was presented with “a legal issue which had to be addressed” adding that “we were left with no option other than to apologise and seek to draw a line under the matter.

“After the apology was published we had to abide by it and the spirit in which it was published. Unfortunately that apology was then undermined and we had to take appropriate action.”

Sunday Herald editor Neil Mackay distanced himself from the sacking of Ms Haggerty, stating in a Tweet that the decision to remove Angela Haggerty “was not taken by me but by the editor-in-chief Magnus Llewellin.”

The sackings were condemned by the National Union of Journalists.

In his latest statement, Mr Llewellin said: “After a couple weeks to allow things to calm down and after careful consideration – including a re-examination of the context of her original social media postings – the decision has been made to reinstate Angela as a columnist.

“She is back with the Sunday Herald this weekend.”

Ms Haggerty said in a tweet: “Delighted to says I will be returning to my column in @newsundayherald. Smashing.”

The Sunday Herald tweeted: “We’d like to let readers know that Angela Haggerty will be returning to the Sunday Herald as a columnist from this weekend.”


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