Scheme to help young

How much could you raise from £10?

Young EnterpriseBusinesses are being invited to support young people through The Tenner Challenge – finding out how much can be raised from just £10.

The scheme is run by Young Enterprise whose youngsters last year averaged £156 profit from their £10. The top team generated more £5,000.

This Challenge helps participants learn to work as a team, build commercial skills, see the whole business process, develop creativity and demonstrate talents no-one knew existed.

Last year’s participants included the BGF (Business Growth Fund) which produced a video.

BGF ran the competition internally and with their tenners, the team:

  • Held an art auction
  • Set up a bakery business
  • Ran life coaching courses
  • Provided home IT support for their colleagues
  • Set up a shoe shining franchise

Overall BGF raised £4,000.

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