Crossing closed until mid-March

Fraser demands answers over bridge delay

Murdo FraserScottish Conservatives are calling for assurances that re-opening the Forth road bridge will not suffer further delays after it was announced that it will remain closed to freight until mid-March.

On 23 December the Forth Bridge reopened to all cars – but remains closed to HGVs.

The SNP previously said the bridge would reopen to heavy vehicles in “early January” then the deadline was moved to “mid-February”.

The Scottish Conservatives today pressed the Scottish Government for further answers.

Murdo Fraser Conservative MSP for mid Scotland and Fife said:Businesses in Fife and across Scotland are now voicing their frustrations to the bridge closure. It is hurting them financially and is a major inconvenience.

“Getting across the Forth is now a major hurdle and the SNP government don’t seem to have taken their concerns into hand.

“For every day the bridge is closed to HGVs, the economy is losing out. The Scottish Government have gone back on two promises now and we now need answers.

“The First Minister cites a ‘90 per cent partial reopening’ but what about the other 10 per cent who cannot use the bridge?

“We need strong assurances and a solid date as to when the bridge will be open to all vehicles.”

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