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Director General warns of 'evident risk'

CBI orders fresh poll of members on Brexit

FairbairnThe CBI said it would be polling its members again following the Prime Minister’s deal on membership of the EU.

It said the warning issued by world leaders about the risks to the global economy caused by Britain leaving the EU put the pressure back on the Leave campaign.

Carolyn Fairbairn, CBI Director-General, said: “The potential consequences of leaving the European Union are an evident risk not just for the British economy, but also for that of the global community.

“Those who wish to leave must put forward a clear economic case, explaining how being outside the EU will enhance jobs, growth and prosperity in the UK and across Europe.

“The majority – but not all – of CBI members want the UK to remain in a reformed EU. With the Prime Minister’s final deal now in place, we will consult our members for their views once more.”

However, in a further act of defiance, London Mayor Boris Johnson put more pressure on the PM by urging Cabinet ministers to join the campaign to leave the European Union.

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