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Reactec secures monitoring deal with Network Rail

ReatecReactec, the market leader in monitoring hand and arm vibration (HAV) – one of the most common industrial diseases in the UK – has won a competitive tender from Network Rail Infrastructure.

The Edinburgh-based firm will provide HAV monitoring equipment and reporting software for its workforce across the UK.

The contract is for three years and worth more than £1 million.

Many of Network Rail’s staff and sub-contractors use vibrating equipment including hand-held power tools, such as concrete breakers, hammer drills, chainsaws and disc cutters in the maintenance of the railways, which requires the users to be monitored accurately to prevent the condition.

Jacqui McLaughlin, chief executive of Reactec, said: “We are thrilled to be awarded this major contract with Network Rail.

“This investment is not just about equipment, but it is an investment in the health and safety of Network Rail’s workforce.”

What is HAVS?

·     Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) is the cause of one of the most common industrial disease in the UK, White Finger Syndrome or HAV Syndrome, with estimates that over 1million UK workers are currently exposed to vibration over the HSE limit (source: HSE)

·     There is no cure for HAVS, there is only prevention

·     There is inadequate research on what “safe” levels of exposure to vibration are (source: HSE Laboratories)

·     2 million people in the UK are at risk of HAVS. But currently there is under 100,000 take up of monitoring systems, around 5% (source: HSE)

·     The cost of HAVS to UK employers is an estimated £1.32billion in new claims (source: HSE)

·     3,000 new claims in relation to HAVS are made each year (source: HSE)

·     There are 300,000 people suffering from HAVS in the UK

·     Successful HAVS related claims have increased by 50% in last ten years (Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit)

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