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Opus announces its 2000th generator

Opus Energy logoThe UK’s sixth largest independent energy supplier to UK businesses, Opus Energy, has commissioned its 2,000th renewable energy generator, pursuing its business objective of promoting the use of renewable energy across the UK.

The generator, a 500kW hydro system based in Doune, Scotland, was fully commissioned in December.

By December 2016 it’s expected to have generated 1750 MWhs – enough to power around 560 medium sized UK homes.

Tom Hoines, head of renewable sales at Opus Energy said: “Renewable energy generation is an important part of our business model and this latest generator signals our intent to power UK businesses by the cleanest methods possible.

“Renewable energy technologies are evolving, making it increasingly cheaper to run and maintain. With the UK looking to move to a low carbon economy, encouraging renewable generators such as this is a big step to helping us achieve our carbon goals whilst strengthening our economy.”

The agreement will see all excess energy produced by the landowner of Milton of Cambus Farm being sold to Opus Energy, with this renewable energy then passed on to customers.

The latest agreement signals Opus Energy’s growing strength in renewable energy generation, achieving a 20% growth in the past year and moving towards ambitious 2016 growth targets.

In the last fiscal year, renewable energy made up 91% of Opus Energy’s provision, split across wind, solar, hydro and anaerobic digestion.

Hoines continued: “We know that more and more businesses are looking to source their energy from renewable, ethical sources.

“Our research has shown that 48% of businesses expect to be generating their own renewable energy within a two year timeframe, signalling clearly that renewable energy is a key part of the energy mix, along with being an affordable, clean alternative to traditional fossil fuels.

“We are delighted that we are able to provide more renewable energy to our customers at competitive rates, and will continue to grow this part of our business for the foreseeable future.”

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