Red Fox develops 'cookieless' device

New advertising platform aims to boost returns

Marcus BrookSoftware firm Red Fox Media has launched a media management platform which it believes will improve the effectiveness of online advertising campaigns.

AdAppTive, the first ‘cookieless’ management and programmatic advertising platform works across mobile devices, including apps, websites, email and newsletters.

It has secured £420,000 through the firm’s existing angel investor syndicate ESM Investments and the Scottish Investment Bank.

AdAppTive has been in development for three years and benefitted from an overall investment of £1.4 million.

The platform brings together advertisers’ own customer data, alongside more than 1,000 demographic and lifestyle variables.

Programmatic advertising, which automates the selling and buying of online ads, is witnessing exponential growth in the £6.6 billion UK digital advertising market, but with the explosion in mobile, there are heightened concerns over the effectiveness of this approach.

Marcus Brook (pictured), co-founder and chief executive of AdAppTive, said: “In an age where more than half of all page views are made on smartphones, AdAppTive is set to make reliance on cookies a thing of the past. It offers a real alternative to the browser-only advertising options, which the industry has been using for years, while improving the returns for both publisher and advertiser.

“AdAppTive resolves a key problem that has been plaguing digital media – both publishers and advertisers: that the cookies relied upon to ensure advertising is targeted don’t work when websites are viewed through apps, instead of on a browser.”

AdAppTive has been partnering with leading publishing groups, as well as some 40 advertisers over the past three years. The ream say they can achieve far higher returns for advertisers and publishers, without the need for cookies and the wastage they inevitably bring.

Mr Brook said: “Our investors, clients and publishing partners have realised the significant potential of the ‘greenfield’ mobile ad inventory, which will make a significant difference to the profitability of digital publishing and advertising effectiveness.

“This latest round of funding will enable us to accelerate the growth of AdAppTive by strengthening the sales team and partnerships, while further enhancing the platform.”

David McIntosh, investor director with ESM Investments, added: “This is an exciting time for AdAppTive, who are already working with large global and local newspapers, magazine publishers and broadcasters.

“Our confidence in the company is reflected in the ESM syndicate following their money, as well as attracting new investors. We see the huge growth potential for AdAppTive’s capabilities, which is well placed to take advantage of the potential across the digital advertising and publishing market in the UK and beyond.”

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