Former PM warns against withdrawal

Blair: pulling out of EU will mean Scotland leaving UK

Tony Blair vidFormer Prime Minister Tony Blair says he expects a vote to leave the EU will result in Scotland breaking away from the UK.

Speaking to a French journalist, Mr Blair said the consequences of leaving the European Union would be “extremely serious for the UK”, but he also said he expects his successor David Cameron to succeed in his negotiations for reform.

“In my opinion, if the UK votes to leave Europe, Scotland will vote to leave the UK,” he said.

His comments are in line with First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s statement that a vote to to leave the EU would prompt calls for a second Scottish independence referendum and that this could lead to a Yes vote.

Mr Cameron hopes to reach a deal with the European Council of Ministers that will satisfy those demanding reform of the EU.

Mr Blair said that Mr Cameron was likely to reach a settlement, describing the renegotiation as “an opportunity for Europe to make the necessary reforms”.

A referendum could then be called as early as June, but Ms Sturgeon has warned that this is too early and that running an EU campaign in parallel with elections in Scotland and for the London Mayor would be disrespectful.


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