Support for business ahead of Budget

Swinney: backing Scottish Edge ‘my best decision’

John Swinney Moya Greene Cally RussellScottish finance secretary John Swinney has declared that agreeing to support a programme for start-up companies was the “best decision” he has made as a government minister.

Speaking at an office opening, Mr Swinney said how this week’s Budget will mean making choices involving billions of pounds.

But he learned a lot from discussions with entrepreneurs who approached him about setting up the Scottish Edge scheme, a funding programme now backed by Royal Bank of Scotland in which early stage entrepreneurs bid for financial support.

“One of the things I learned was how £10,000 or £20,000 is a lottery win and utterly transformational for those people.

“It is the best decision I have taken as a government minister,” he said, addressing staff and guests at the opening of new offices for shopping app company Mallzee in Edinburgh (pictured).

“It was a clear indication that the government is interested in and supportive of people who take a risk.”

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