Firm will work with Scottish government

MacRoberts secures framework contract

Duncan OslerLaw firm MacRoberts has secured one of the first contracts under the new Central Government Legal Framework.

The deal will ensure that buyers in public sector organisations across Scotland will be prepared for changes in procurement, introduced under the Procurement Reform (Scotland) Act 2014 and the new EU Procurement Directives.

MacRoberts will develop and deliver legal seminars to explain how the changes introduced in Scotland will affect their work and ensure they have the knowledge to work efficiently and effectively under the new guidelines.

As well as working with the Scottish Government’s Scottish Procurement and Commercial Directorate to run these seminars, MacRoberts will advise on the improvements that can be made to their current e-learning package.

Scottish public sector spending on goods and services, including healthcare, education and transport, is worth £11 billion a year.

The new guidelines drawn up by the government provide direction on purchasing for how organisations in the public sector.

The 2014 Act is part of Scottish Government’s continuing procurement reforms, which aim to make procurement more socially responsible and ensure greater accountability and transparency.

Duncan Osler (pictured), partner at MacRoberts, and specialist in public procurement, said: “The aim of the changes is to get the highest quality of work for the best possible price, but also to ensure that more small Scottish businesses tender for public sector projects.

“It’s interesting that these changes are now attracting attention from other EU member states, particularly Sweden.”

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