Goodbye to dreary bedsits

Luxury living: modern students never had it so good

Collegiate student accomm

University ‘digs’ were once the epitome of the dank and dilapidated and many of today’s older generation will recall days spent trying to stay warm and dry in rundown bedsits.

Today’s student is being offered a very different option: stunning interiors, on-site gyms, private cinemas, luxury lounges and even concierge services.

Collegiate AC boasts the greatest number of well-appointed student properties in the country, and the company has announced a huge expansion.

It has revealed a growing demand for high-end student rental properties and expects this to continue in the New Year.

The company is already in Edinburgh and Glasgow, among almost a dozen locations, and will be launching in Dundee, Derby, Lincoln and Newcastle.

It says demand for this better quality accommodation is indicative of a “market that is moving more and more towards properties that provide not simply a place to call home, but moreover an enhanced lifestyle” which supports a “well-rounded student experience”.

The company, based in Oxfordshire, says: “This extends to study, extra-curricular activities and downtime in equal measures, alongside the addition of ergonomic interiors and beautiful surrounds, making these student properties homes to be proud of.”

Heriberto Cuanalo, chief executive of Collegiate AC, said: “Following on from a tremendous 2015 in which we welcomed more students than ever before to our luxury properties, we are anticipating a successful 2016 with the launch of our new sites.

“As we welcome in the New Year, we are proud to be at the leading edge of the shake up in the student accommodation market and will continue to aim for the very best with our innovative approach to the sector.”

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