Water company finds way to cut bill

Distillery’s ice brings welcome price freeze

Marcus Pickering Kevin DunnianA water company has found that an Edinburgh business can cut its bill because it uses so much ice.

Pickering’s Gin distillery at Summerall takes half the water it uses off-site in bottles or as ice cubes.

Kevin Durnian, business development manager at Thames Water Commercial Services, which has just signed up Summerhall as a customer, said this was a bonus for the distillery, one of 120 businesses at the venue.

“Businesses are not just charged for every cubic metre of water that comes in, but also for every cubic metre that goes out through the drains and sewers as this water then needs to be treated,” he said.

“Therefore if we can demonstrate that a certain percentage of water is leaving the site in other ways such as in blocks of ice or in bottles, we should be able to save Summerhall even more money.”

Distillery founder Marcus Pickering, who is power of attorney for the site, said: “About 50% of our water is taken off-site either as ice or in the drinks themselves and Thames think this means we could save money due to the water not being returned back into the public sewer network, which is fantastic to hear and I suppose it shows the benefit of working with the experts.”

Since 2008, when the retail market was opened to competition in Scotland, around 130,000 non-household customers have been able to choose who can supply their water and wastewater services, making it the first water market of its kind in the world. England will see a similar competitive water retail market opening in 2017.

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