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‘Disappointing’ rise in telecoms complaints

EEComplaints about phone, broadband and Pay TV providers rose in the last quarter, according to the industry regulator Ofcom.

It monitored complaints made about 13 providers of fixed line telephone, fixed line broadband, pay monthly mobile and pay TV services and said it was “disappointed” at the continuing increase.

The total volume of telecoms and pay TV complaints made to Ofcom increased between the second and third quarters. Broadband and fixed line telephone saw the most notable increases in total volume of complaints.

Complaints about pay monthly mobile and pay TV also increased, while the total complaint volume for mobile pay-as-you-go remained at similar levels to the second quarter.

Claudio Pollack, director of Ofcom’s content and consumer group, said: “We expect providers to make customer service and complaints handling top priorities, so it’s disappointing to see a rise in the number of complaints.

“Consumers have a right to expect good service and will rightfully complain when that standard isn’t met. Ofcom is continuing work to make switching easier and our complaints data allows consumers to make meaningful comparisons that can be useful when looking for a new provider.”


EE and Plusnet generated the highest volumes of landline complaints (34 per 100,000 customers and 33 per 100,000 customers respectively).

EE continued to generate the most complaints for fixed line broadband as a proportion of its customer base (45 per 100,000 customers) during the third quarter of the year.

Plusnet and BT saw significant increases in their broadband complaints volumes in Q3 2015.

Vodafone remained the most complained about mobile provider, after complaint volumes increased to 20 complaints per 100,000 customers in the quarter (from 14 per 100,000 customers).

BT became the most complained about pay TV provider in Q3 2015. Complaints volume increased significantly to 25 per 100,000 customers, compared to 11 per 100,000 in Q2 2015.

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