Star's lunch with the locals

Saint George burdened by Clooneymania

George Clooney Tiger LilyOne wonders if George Clooney should be admired or pitied for having to tolerate the sort of euphoria that greeted his every move during his fleeting visit to Edinburgh.

After being mobbed outside a Rose Street sandwich shop, the actor and “humanitarian” (that includes pretty well most of us) was expected to deal with diners in Tigerlily interrupting his lunch date by asking for selfies.

The management decided to honour more than 20 bookings rather than close the restaurant to all but their special guest, his prize-winning lunch partner Heather McGowan, and an entourage of 25 hangers-on.

The venue in George St was supposed to be secret, but the media were quick to discover the location and were lying in wait for the couple’s arrival.

David Johnston, development director at Montpeliers which operates Tigerlily, said: “It might have been expected for us to bow to pressure from security staff to keep the restaurant exclusive, but we did not want to disappoint any of our customers who had made previous reservations.

“So it meant that as well as diners having to get a feel for what it is like to be a celebrity when they had to walk past photographers and onlookers to enter Tigerlily, they also had the chance to rub shoulders with the man.

“It was a great and unexpected treat – especially for many of the female customers. They were able to walk over to where he was, take pictures and try to have a word.

“I’m sure many of them couldn’t believe their luck and would have been posting all sorts of comments on social media.”

Clooney may be an all round good guy, but even he must find the halo a heavy burden to bear.

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