Leader facing Syria crisis

MPs seek legal advice on how to oust Corbyn

Jeremy CorbynSenior Labour figures have sought legal advice on how to remove party leader Jeremy Corbyn (pictured) as a row grows within its ranks over his strategy on Syria.

GRM Law has told TheTimes newspaper that in the event of a leadership challenge Mr Corbyn would require 38 nominations from MPs and MEPs before he could get his name on the ballot papers sent to members.

However, Mr Corbyn’s office has rejected this interpretation, saying that if a challenge was triggered by 51 MPs and MEPs nominating an alternative leader, this must then be followed by a head-to-head contest between the leader and the challenger.

This latest move follows calls by two former Labour ministers ,John Spellar and Fiona Mactaggart, for Mr Corbyn to resign.

Speaking on Radio 5Live, former defence minister Mr Spellar accused the leader of behaving like “the Fuhrer”.

He said: “How does Jeremy Corbyn and his tiny band of Trots in the bunker think they’ve got the unique view on it all?

“It’s absolutely right for him to put that view in the Shadow Cabinet. It’s right for them to discuss it. They thought they were going away to resume that discussion on Monday. He’s now trying to pre-empt that and whip up a storm inside the party. It is unacceptable

“Certainly, by the way, they should not resign. They should hold on into those places. If anyone should resign after this incident, it should be Jeremy Corbyn.”

Ms Mactaggart, a Home Office minister in Tony Blair’s government, told the BBC: “Jeremy hasn’t got a strategy to lead the party to where it needs to be and the people of the country can see that.”

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