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Armed raid on northern suburb

Gun battle as Paris terror mastermind surrounded

Saint Denis ParisA huge police and army raid in the north of Paris this morning saw two suspects killed and led to seven arrests.

The group barricaded themselves in a house in Saint Denis near to the Stade de France.

Armed officers descended on the suburb at 3.30am GMT. A woman blew herself up and one man was shot dead. There were reports of at least seven explosions and a number of police officers were injured.

Belgian militant Abdelhamid Abaaoud, 27, who is said to have masterminded Friday night’s attack on Paris that left 129 people dead, was believed to be among those in the house.

Neighbours in the area were woken to the sound of gunfire as scores of police and soldiers swooped on the house. A naked man was later seen being dragged away from the scene.

Two Air France flights heading to Paris from the United States were diverted on Tuesday following anonymous bomb threats.

Last night’s match in Hannover between Germany and the Netherlands was called off just before kick off after police received warnings of a potential attack.


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