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UK Energy Secretary admits to shortfall

Ewing: ‘Rudd misled us over renewables cuts’

Fergus EwingScottish energy minister Fergus Ewing has accused his UK counterpart Amber Rudd (pictured) of “dithering” over renewables policy.

She told Cabinet colleagues that the UK government will miss its 2020 target on green power by about 25%.

Mr Ewing said: “I am dismayed by the reports that the UK Energy Secretary appears to have admitted privately to her ministerial colleagues that the UK Government will miss its 2020 renewables target.

“We were led to believe the decision to cut subsidies for renewables was based on targets being met but now we learn that the UK is expected to miss its 15% energy from renewables target by a wide margin.

“The UK Government continues to dither on a meaningful approach to renewables whilst concerns grow about the impact of their energy policy on jobs, business confidence, energy security and climate change.””

Ms Rudd’s admission emerged in a leaked sent sent in October.

Labour MPs say they have been deliberately misled – and accused the government of a doctrinaire aversion to wind and solar power.

In September, Ms Rudd told the Commons the renewables budget had to be reined in because it was “way overspent”.

In the summer she announced a cut in the subsidy to onshore wind farms, saying the renewables obligation was no longer needed.

A spokesman for the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) said Ms Rudd still intended to meet the UK’s renewables targets.

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