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PM delivers ultimatum to leaders

Cameron ‘not wedded to EU’ unless it reforms in UK’s favour

David CameronDavid Cameron will mark the beginning of negotiations over Britain’s EU membership this week by declaring that he could support leaving the bloc unless he secures the concessions he is demanding.

The Prime Minister has written to European Council President Donald Tusk to set out the start of a process which will kick off in earnest in a speech on Tuesday.

Mr Cameron will issue his ultimatum to fellow EU leaders.

“If we can’t reach such an agreement, and if Britain’s concerns were to be met with a deaf ear, which I do not believe will happen, then we will have to think again about whether this European Union is right for us,” he will say.

“As I have said before – I rule nothing out.

“Those who believe we should stay in the EU at all costs need to explain why Britain should accept the status quo. I am clear that there are real problems with this,” he will add.

However, he is expected to campaign to keep Britain inside a reformed EU.

Chancellor George Osborne travelled to Berlin last week for talks about the UK’s role in the EU.

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