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Stirling: affordable city with global ambition


There is a bold plan for the future of Stirling and we are at MIPIM UK in London, the country’s biggest property marketplace, to meet investors and explore innovative funding models that will deliver development projects, jobs and prosperity to the region.

As a member of Scottish Cities Alliance we are fortunate to have a base at the alliance stand in the exhibition hall which has been attracting visitors since the doors opened. It was interesting to discover just how keen the large delegation of investors from China were to find out more about opportunities in Scotland.

Walking around the exhibition hall, where all of the UK’s major cities and regions are represented, it becomes clear that we are not the only ones seeing the benefits of collaboration.

Stirling is at a different stage from the likes of Sheffield, Manchester and, closer to home, Aberdeen and Edinburgh, but also provides a unique offer to invest in a city reshaping its profile as Scotland’s most connected city.

We are promoting our £200 million masterplan to reposition the city as an economic and cultural powerhouse. This state‐of‐the‐art blueprint aims to capitalise on the high level of entrepreneurial activity in the city, with around 100 more businesses per 10,000 of the population than the Scottish average.

In our meetings so far, it has become clear that we can’t hope to trade in bland marketing statements and it is essential to be specific with investors about our offer and value proposition.

Joining forces with other Scottish cities promoting investment opportunities in the £10 billion Investment Prospectus launched by Scottish Cities Alliance earlier this month has opened up tremendous opportunities and economies of scale.

By working together, we are able to share knowledge and create projects which offer great investment potential across the business spectrum.

Stirling is a highly affordable city with international ambition for investment and, when MIPIM UK packs up at the end of the week, we hope we will have left our mark on the investors that could define our future by making them aware not just of the development opportunities, but of Stirling’s unique character, its talent, research and heritage offering, as well as its unrivalled connectivity, which makes it an ideal place in which to live, work and, above all, invest.

Carol Beattie is Senior Manager for Economic Development at Stirling Council and is attending MIPIM UK as part of the Scottish Cities Alliance

Photo: Stirling, looking out over the Broadleys Business Park

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