Manifesto issued to parties

Retailers issue 8-point plan on environment

recycling binRetailers have issued a wish-list of eight key environmental improvements they want the new government at Holyrood to introduce.

They include harmonising local authority recycling collection schemes and making it easier to shift freight from road to rail.

The industry has also outlined its opposition to the suggested new nation-wide deposit return scheme, claiming it would penalise lower income consumers and undermine existing kerbside recycling. There is concern that such a scheme would increase carbon emissions through extra journeys and add to business costs.

The Scottish Retail Consortium says it has played a leading role in tackling environmental issues by supporting measures such as phasing out HFC refrigerants by the end of 2015, and reducing the proportion of waste sent to landfill to 7% with a view to reducing this to less than 1% by 2020.

Commenting on the launch of its manifesto paper David Martin, head of policy and external affairs, said: “The retail industry has a massive footprint and direct involvement in communities right across Scotland.

“With this comes a responsibility to operate in a sustainable way that ensures retailers can continue to serve those communities in the most efficient way possible.

“We are therefore delighted to be launching this paper which establishes the retail industry in Scotland amongst the most climate-conscious industries and as a true global leader in reducing the environmental impacts of both their own direct operations and supporting change right along the supply chain.

“We hope that each of the political parties will consider and support in their manifestos each of the policy priorities we have outlined and which are crucial in supporting the retail industry to go even further in creating a better retailing climate.”


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