Ticketus succeeds in claim

Ex-Rangers owner Whyte declared bankrupt

Craig WhyteFormer Rangers owner Craig Whyte has been declared bankrupt at the High Court in London.

His insolvency was announced after ticketing firm Ticketus obtained a judgement in its favour relating to his role in financing the club.

He faced allegations of misrepresentation in buying season tickets to help fund the takeover in 2011.

The bankruptcy petition was filed after Whyte failed to pay a £20.8 million judgment debt, including interest and legal costs.

It was alleged that Whyte had agreed to sell three years’ worth of season ticket sales to the company for £25 million, some of which, it is also alleged, he used to fund his takeover of the Ibrox club in May 2011.

A spokesman for Ticketus said: “Ticketus is pleased with the outcome of today’s hearing and will now support the appointment of a trustee in Bankruptcy, who can start the process of claiming any assets that Mr Whyte holds for the benefit of Mr Whyte’s creditors.”

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