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DBdirect, a cost-effective option to promote your firm

DB direct final 2 logo Daily Business Group has launched DBdirect, a B2B or B2C service for companies to promote products and services.

DBdirect is for companies to submit self-written articles, branding and other information for publication on the Daily Business website.

News releases will continue to be handled by the Daily Business news desk. The DBdirect service allows for companies to promote their activities in a style and with content to suit their requirements and can address any topic of interest to clients, business partners or other target group.

DBdirect can offer assistance with writing and compiling articles, and designing branding material.

Terry M outdoor 5Terry Murden (right), Editor and Director of Daily Business, said: “This is a new media messaging service which gives companies the opportunity to promote their activities in their own words and with the freedom to explain pricing and the services they offer. This is content that often does not get considered by news desks via normal press releases, but is of value to companies.

“DBdirect has already been tested by a number of large and small companies and I am sure it will prove a cost-effective option for many others.”

Details of this new service can be found by clicking on the DBdirect button in the top menu on the home page, or by going directly to

Contact DBdirect via email at


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