DataVita ready for launch

£200m data centre promises low-cost IT services

DataVitaScotland’s cool climate has helped secure a £200 million low-energy data centre which aims to cut IT costs for its clients.

DataVita is a new business which will operate from Fortis, Scotland’s largest and most energy efficient purpose-built data centre.

Fortis will open at Newhouse, Lanarkshire in May next year and  DataVita, the operating company, will offer a range of energy-efficient services.

The facility, just off the M8, harnesses Scotland’s cool climate to deliver the highest levels of power efficiency and is powered entirely by renewable energy sources.

The 100,000 sqft, 2000-rack facility is expected to create 50 skilled jobs over five years.

The DataVita fit out programme is under way and the company expects to be signing up customers from next month.

The company will be targeting the public sector, healthcare and life sciences organisations and large companies, highlighting the potential for a 40% reduction in power costs, and up to 95% reduction in carbon emissions.  DataVita is also creating an ecosystem of partners that will allow Scotland’s established IT channel to deliver high value services to their customers.

Gareth Lush, commercial director at DataVita said: “Scotland is most definitely ready for a next-generation datacentre. We have a thriving IT industry but we are lacking the datacentres to support this fully, resulting in valuable investment and jobs going outside of Scotland.

“DataVita will offer Scotland’s first “cloud enabled” datacentre that will allow customers to easily mix traditional datacentre services with the cloud and help our customers meet security and regulatory requirements.”

He said the facility could save the average public sector organisation around £200,000 a year on energy costs alone by moving away from in-house computer rooms.

Polly Purvis, chief executive of ScotlandIS, the trade body for the digital technologies industry, said: “DataVita has ambitious plans to harness renewable energy for its new data centre.

“The combination of renewable energy resources, political stability and naturally cool ambient temperatures make Scotland a compelling location for secure data storage, and it’s good to see the market expanding.”

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