Anniversary message from SNP leader

UK ‘living on borrowed time’ says Sturgeon

Nicola SturgeonThe United Kingdom is “living on borrowed time” unless Westminster pays greater attention to the wishes of Scotland, says Nicola Sturgeon in a statement to mark the anniversary of the independence referendum.

The Scottish National Party leader, who has raised the prospect of a second poll, has been emboldened by a rise in support for her party in the past 12 months.

The Yes campaign was defeated by 55-45% in September last year but in May won 56 of Scotland’s 59 seats in the General Election.

Those urging independence point to what they see as Westminster’s failure to deliver on the promise of more powers contained in the infamous Vow signed by the party leaders ahead of the referendum.

The Smith Commission, appointed afterwards, recommended the transfer of powers which Westminster argues are now being fulfilled.

Ms Sturgeon has said that a second vote will depend on “circumstances”. These are likely to include Britain voting to leave the European Union and Westminster voting to renew the Trident nuclear weapons system. However, she has insisted that it is for the people to decide whether or not to hold a second referendum.

“What happens to support for independence in the months and years to come will depend as much on what you do as it will on what we do,” Sturgeon will warn Cameron in a speech later, according to extracts released by her office.

“Right now, you are living on borrowed time. If you continue to ignore Scotland’s voice, if you continue to disrespect the choice that people across this country made in May, more and more people will conclude that Westminster simply can’t deliver for Scotland.”

Prime Minister David Cameron said he will not agree to stage another vote.


“We all agreed, as do the Scottish public, that the independence referendum should be a ‘once in a generation’ or a ‘once in a lifetime’ event,” he said.

“So now it is time to move on. Some may want to obsess about separation, but I am focused on delivering devolution.”



Entrepreneur Sir Tom Hunter this week urged Scotland to “move on” and focus on growing the economy.

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