Government programme due today

Sturgeon to set out plans to make Scotland a more equal society

Nicola SturgeonThe First Minister will today demonstrate how the Scottish Government aims to use powers over welfare, taxation and employment to make Scotland a fairer place in which to live and work.

Nicola Sturgeon will set out proposals for using the new powers due to come to the Scottish Parliament from 2016 when she publishes the Programme for Government later today.

She will set out actions to grow the economy, tackle inequality, improve public services and increase community involvement in decision making,

“This Government has a record to be proud of. Against a backdrop of reduced resources we have delivered high quality public services which have improved the lives of people in this country,” she said.

“Scotland’s foundations are strong and this programme for government sets out how we will build on them in the years ahead.

“Our vision for the coming decade includes how we will creatively and ambitiously use the limited new powers proposed in the Scotland Bill.

“On social security, employment, the work programme, the Crown Estate and taxation, the coming year will see the Scottish Government set out clear plans to use all the powers at our disposal to benefit the lives of individuals, communities and business across Scotland.”

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