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First Minister raises prospect of new poll

Sturgeon says ‘circumstances’ will dictate holding second indyref

Nicola SturgeonThe SNP will set out a list of “triggers” for a second referendum on Scottish independence in its manifesto for next year’s election.

Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister, says in an interview today that the party will lay down “the circumstances in which, and the possible timescale in which a second referendum might be appropriate.”

Ms Sturgeon, who has so far dodged questions over the prospect of a second referendum, has now laid the foundations for it to take place in 2021.

She has previously made it clear that the “circumstances” include the delivery of more powers to Holyrood and the outcome of the referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union.

This weekend’s declaration coincides with Jeremy Corbyn’s election as Labour leader, and while she will seek to forge alliances with Labour at Westminster, a rejuvenated Labour party north of the border poses a threat to her dominance.

The SNP is expected to unveil more details around its position on a second independence vote at its annual conference in Aberdeen next month.

Speaking about last year’s poll, she says in her interview in a Sunday newspaper: “If we’d asked people just to vote for what was in their hearts we’d have won a majority. Where we lost was in the head. That’s where we’ve got to do more and do better at convincing people.”

She insists, however, that she will not hold another referendum until she is confident that she can win.

In an STV documentary to be screened on Monday night, she says: “I don’t ever want to feel what I felt in the early hours of 19 September. If we are going to have another independence referendum I want to know there is support in Scotland for independence that means that referendum is going to be successful.”

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