New flexi-phone

Samsung going bendable with January launch

Samsung bendy phoneSamsung may finally be about to deliver on its promise of a flexible phone. Mobile watchers say the Korean company has cracked the technology to create a truly bendable device and that it will be launched in January.

Samsung has made no secret about the fact that it has been working on flexible display panel technology for some time but it is now poised to go properly public.

The word comes via the Chinese network Weibo, which claims a so-called Project V or Project Valley is being tested with an aim to release early in the new year. Samsung has previously released concept videos for flexible devices and during the Spring of 2015 did say it intended to introduce flexible devices to market next year.

This is considered pretty fast considering that it wasn’t too long ago that Samsung launched its Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge. This may have something to do with the latter not selling as well as hoped.

Samsung’s S7 is expected to be launch in two versions, one with a regular display and one curved.




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