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More journalists in Britain, and far more PRs

NewspapersThere are 4,000 more journalists working in Britain than a year ago, giving the lie to suggestions the profession is dying. However, this rise is outstripped by the growing number of public relations professionals, up by 10,000.

Government figures for the year to June estimate that 64,000 people in the country describe themselves as journalists, newspaper and periodical editors, against 60,000 last year. The data, which uses rounded figures, does not break down further to online/print journalists which is likely to show a growing bias to the former.

The Labour Force Survey, produced by the Office for National Statistics shows that 40,000 journalists are employed full-time (2014: 30,000) and 5,000 part-time (6,000); 8,000 are self-employed full-time (15,000); and 10,000 are self-employed part-time (same).

The number of PRs in Britain is up from 45,000 to 55,000. Of these, 39,000 are full-time employed, 6,000 part-time employed and 6,000 self-employed.

Advertising accounts manager and creative directors remained unchanged at 33,000.

There are 48,000 artists (47,000) but far fewer authors, writers and translators, down from 88,000 to 77,000.

The number of photographers, audio-visual and broadcasting equipment operators fell slightly from 84,000, to 83,000 while there are more graphic designers, 88,000 against 83,000 last year.

The Labour Force Survey is based on a quarterly sample of around 100,000 individuals.


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