Tycoon will not take Lords expenses

Mone tax avoidance claim: ‘I have done nothing illegal’

Michelle Mone told radio listeners today that she had never done anything illegal and that she would not be taking any expenses when she joins the House of Lords.

Ms Mone, who is soon to become Lady Mone of Mayfair, was asked on BBC Radio Four’s Woman’s Hour about alleged tax avoidance.

“Whatever I have done in the past has been through a big accountancy firm in Scotland,” she said, adding that her former business partner and ex-husband dealt with the production and finances of their company.

“I have never done anything to break the law and I never will,” she said. The House of Lords, she said, “absolutely look into you”.

Ms Mone, who launched the lingerie chain Ultimo, said she will not take the daily allowance for attending the House of Lords and is looking to donate to a few charities.

“I am in a position where I do not need to take expenses,” she said.

She was guest editor of the programme and spoke about what she hoped to achieve in her new role as a government adviser on start-ups.

She insisted that her report, which will be delivered next year to Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan-Smith, will not be ignored.

“It certainly will not go into a bottom drawer. I am not doing this as a hobby. I am doing this to make a difference. I have always said you should work hard, play hard and give something back. I have made it, money wise as well, and I can give something back.”




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